ImgSvr is a personal or corporate Embedded Picture Web Server that let's you efficiently browse digital pictures. Contrary to other gallery systems, imgsvr aimed to be an easy and fully dynamic picture server, no static created thumbnails are created.

In a near future, ImgSvr will be a tool for managing, organizing pictures throught the web.

Imgsvr can be directly used on a CDROM, and distributed with all your pictures

Why an other picture web server ?

I didn't want to duplicate the huge amont of picture i had on my computer.

I didn't want to send my private pictures on a remote server

I want to keep track of people that are watching the picture and use the pictures

It is much simpler to use an embedded picture web server than a static gallery, the use is really simple.You have a folder with pictures, then install imgsvr, tell him where your pictures are , then it's done !

No static thumbnail to create, all are created on the fly, with efficient algorithms

Distributed system capability thank's Web service API, Hotplug module

11/08/2007 0.6.21 Version, security improvements, parametrize the thumbnail file path, add an URL security, template traversial security issue fixed
17/05/2007 0.6.17 Version, several improvements, parametrize the thumbnail size and prefetch threads
05/2007 0.6.16 Version, several bug fix, plus an linux version back, for imgsvr.
04/2007 0.6.14 Version, improvements in production use of Imgsvr, high stress load of the server have good results, up to 60000 tph on a networked file system See the results
1/2007 0.6.12 Version, lots of improvements, please see the Release Note.
29/12/2006 0.6.9 version, install improvments, adding the smtp parameters, bicubic transformation in beta, background thumbnails creation, image selection managment, full resolution added for a selection permit saving all the selected pictures, full resolution image access ... Enjoy, and merry christmas.
11/11/2006 0.6.7 prerelease version, a lot of changes have been made.. now a clic and use install on win32
25/3/2006 0.6.5 beta version, see the changes in the release note, new on the fly thumbnails generation
19/3/2006 Refactoring in progress ... the new Imgsvr compiles. The current refactoring is aimed to put an image independant dev layer for image manipulation. The image catalog concept has been reinforce to manage shared resources.
27/2/2006 SVN repository is alive for imgsvr, imgsvr is currently refactoring, image collection are simplified, session handling in currently in progress. the new adavision library will permit modifying pictures in live from imgsvr server
26/2/2006 a graphic designer is currently creating a new logo for imgsvr

ImgSvr has been design for those purposes :

ImgSvr can be used for creating static web site to browse pictures, using web grabber such wget, teleport ..

plans for the Imgsvr v0.7 release

Imgsvr v0.6.12 release for win32 plateforms

a Lots of performance improvments and intensive tests have been made. Hope these will be usefull
chang log since 0.6.7
You can then download it and use it !!

Imgsvr v0.6.7 prerelease for win32 plateforms release

a Lots of performance improvments and intensive tests have been made. Hope these will be usefull
You can then download it and use it !!

Imgsvr v0.6.5 beta release

This beta version is an early version for 0.7 version, db capability have been desactivated for the moment in order to have a continious release process. This early version has now an access to the ada vision engine including some image processing functions, which will be available in further releases.
a beta AWS 2.0 hotplug module has been included for the aws web server

Road Map for version 1.0

the software road map is currently driven by my own needs, all suggestions are welcome.

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ImgSvr is currently under GPL license, for more information, please visit Free Software Foundation web site or write to

Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.

to contact me ,
frett27 AT

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